Astin Trew

Astin Trew

True to the source

Astin Trew are an international UK audio electronics Company creating very high quality mid-priced home audiophile products that convey the emotion and passion of real music as naturally as possible. The Astin Trew design team are themselves passionate music lovers and music makers, who strive to bring you products that retain the musical 'essence', normally only obtainable through much more expensive audio products.

The kit looks good, is built to a high standard and is competitively priced. Not surprising, then, that their products receive very high praise from reviewers in the serious Hi-Fi press around the world. The products use innovative hybrid solid state electronics to offer the best sound, and our experience suggests that they have got the balance spot on.

So that you can judge this for yourself, Astin Trew only sell through specialist Hi-Fi Audio Dealers who can fully demonstrate their products to you and provide ongoing support. We are proud to represent the Astin Trew product ranges and you can visit us or we will visit you to demonstrate (within 25 miles of Henly on Thames).