connected-fidelity C-F13A 220-240VAC UK plug fuse, 13A

Mains fuses that make more music

Price: £44.95

It is now understood that electrons do not ‘flow’ like water, but rather they ‘propagate’ in a wave of energy that moves along the electrons in the atoms that make up the conductor wire, at the speed of light. 

Fuses and fuse holders are a connected part of that conductor, its imperative to ensure good electrical propagation through these component parts.  The fuse wire and connections between it and the cables on both sides form a critical link in your mains power, supplying each piece of equipment in your audio or A/V system.

connected-fidelity mains power fuses have been developed to minimise power propagation issues. They have concentrated on what is important - reducing the impact both the fuse and holder together have on power propagation though these connected components.

Through many trials and extensive listening tests, they discovered several ways of improving the fuse and fuse / fuse holder interface ‘performance’ for audio and A/V use, which they use. 

1. A deep cryogenic treatment (extended soaking of the fuse at a temperature close to absolute zero).

2. Adding a resonance damping sleeve.

3. Applying an exceedingly high voltage (very low amperage).

4. The application of a conductor cleaning agent to the fuse caps and mating parts of the fuse holder.

Supplied in a pack of 3 because you should use them in every audio or A/V component and a ‘multi-pack’ is best value. A cleaning cloth is suppied with every pack.

The plug fuse is there to protect you from electrical shock if the cable to your equipment is compromised.  Whilst a lower value (5A or 10A fuse) may be recommended by the equipment manufacturer, there will be a correctly rated fuse(s) in the equipment itself to protect it; so a 13A fuse in the UK plug is acceptable. connected-fidelity do however manfacture 5A and 10A audio fuses if preferred.

We say: they look stupidly low-cost compared to many of the other audio quality fuse brands available, and we find they offer improved performance, particularly powering source components like phono-stages, CD players, blue-ray players and streamers, plus pre-amplifiers - along with integrated, power amplifiers and A/V equipment.