connected-fidelity UNITY TWO Power

Providing AC volts and amps with integrity.

Price: £969.00

connected-fidelity UNITY TWO Power cable offers great dynamics and timing, an enhanced ‘sound stage’ and more musical micro-details resulting in greater musical realism.

Cryogenically treated

All UNITY power cables undergo deep cryogenic treatment, a process that cold anneals the wires and conductive plug parts. This process enhances the power performance. No one has exactly identified how this process improves the quality of non-ferrous materials, there is no material change to be seen under an electron microscope, but we know it has a beneficial effect on power cables for audio and A/V use.

Vibration isolation

All UNITY POWER TWO cables have a double layer outer sleeving, the inner sleeve has been specially developed for cable vibration isolation, the outer braded sleeve offers good mechanical protection and in tandem with the inner, a good level of vibration isolation.

‘Rope weave’ construction

The 3.3mm sq. conductors are made from 65 wound strands of tinned high purity copper wire, sheathed in a special thermoplastic resin offering a high insulation rating and thin material thickness that does not impact on the wire performance. The individual L.N.E. conductors are wound together so the individual twisted strands in each wire lay broadly in line against each other, a ‘rope weave’ form. This design technique optimises performance, offering high continuous current capacity so providing good transparency with regards to instantaneous current needs. The 2P cable uses 6 conductors rather than three as in the 2S option.

No screen design

‘Rope weave’ design also offers some degree of radio frequency (RF) isolation; and line ‘noise’ suppression without either the need for further screening or filtering components which unless very well implemented can reduce mains cable performance.


  • 2P option: 70 Amp multi-strand power line conductors for power amp. and multi-room amplifiers.

  • Cryogenically treated wire and plugs.

  • Gold plated audiophile UK plug.

  • Audiophile quality 13A fuse in UK mains plug.

  • Gold Plated audiophile EU Schuko plug option.

  • Gold plated audiophile IEC Female (C13 type) plug.

  • Special design double sleeving to reduce mechanical vibration.

  • Cable diameter, 15mm.

    Cable Lengths

    Standard lengths available: 1.0Mtr. , 1.5Mtr. , 2.0Mtr.   Special lengths made to order. Please ask us to quote on the length you require.

The price shown is for the 1.5Mtr. length