Cove Audio Cascade RCA/RCA audio cables

Cove Audio, striving to bring our customers closer to the music they love.

Cove Audio believe the best cable of all is no cable at all. Their goal at Cove Audio is to remove the influences a cable can have on the music you love.

They design their cables from the ground up to be as neutral and transparent as possible so you can enjoy the original recording as it was intended to be heard. Like us, they are passionate about music and that is what drives them get closer to that spine tingling feeling you get when you first really connect with a new recording or re-discover an old one re-born.

Cove Audio products have been engineered to get you closer to the heart and soul of music and to that we can agree. These mid priced audio cables offer musicality and insight without any obvious shortcomings. Indeed, they embarrass some much more expensive brands.

The RCA/RCA cables are offered in standard lengths, starting at 0.75Mtr. then 1.00Mtr and 0.5Mrs increments up to 2.5Mtr.

Sold in pairs. Price list available.