Excel Sound Corporation Hana SH

Hana in Japanese means .... brilliant and gorgeous.

Price: £629.00

The Hana SH high output moving coil (MC) cartridge offers a real taste of high-end sound at a sensible price.

If you do not have a moving coil step up transformer or MC phono-stage, do not despair (!), this high output moving coil cartridge will work perfectly through your moving magnet input. Upgrading from a moving magnet or moving iron type cartridge at this price point will offer you more musical insight and enjoyment, without investing in more equipment to run the cartridge.

Its design features and construction offers a high output MC device with precise tracking, very low surface noise and terrific all round performance that is hard to beat by any of the competition under £1,000.00p.

The Hana SH Moving Coil cartridge has a nude natural diamond Shibata-stylus, and use high rigidity aluminum cantilevers with cross-shaped armatures offering supreme transparency and excellent trackability. The body is manufactured from a composite low resonance plastic material in black.

The SH (Shibata High output) offers 2.0mv/1KHz output.

There is a trade in service for replacing your worn out tip, when it finally requires replacement, or if the worst happens and you damage it.