Excel Sound Corporation Hana SL

Hana in Japanese means .... brilliant and gorgeous.

Price: £629.00

Touchstone 2c Bestseller

The Hana SL moving coil (MC) cartridge offers more than a taste of high-end sound at a sensible price. We love this beauty, its design features and construction offers a low output MC device with precise tracking, very low surface noise and terrific all round performance that is hard to beat by any of the competition under £1,000.00p.

The Hana SL Moving Coil cartridge has a nude natural diamond with Shibata tip design, capable of excellent high frequency response and uses high rigidity aluminum cantilevers with cross-shaped armatures offering supreme transparency and excellent trackability. The body is manufactured from a composite low resonance plastic material in black.

The SL (Shibata Low output) offers 0.5mv/1KHz output.

There is a trade in service for replacing your worn out tip, when it finally requires replacement, or if the worst happens and you damage it.

This cartridge has been lauded by Hi-Fi reviewers (winning group tests, 5 star awards and Editors Choice awards in the UK; and lot of equally good awards world wide), and excellent feedback from Customers as well..... 

TNT Review: The Hana SL Low-Output MC Cartridge.  Or – "Punching above it's weight..."

Review conclusion:  "I could live with the Hana... If tomorrow all the other cartridges I had disappeared I would be quite happy to continue listening. I wouldn't feel short-changed, and though I might miss certain things they wouldn't 'bother' me so much. No other cartridge under 1500 Euro has passed this test. That the Hana is well below this [price] limit is quite an achievement."  

"An update on the Hana SL. It’s fantastic.
Not only is it better all round than my Transfiguration Spirit MK 111 (£1K+ new) which to be fair is getting on and the Hana is new, but the really impressive part is the surface noise - or lack of it.  It is so quiet. The stylus ploughs through old records, with minor imperfections, as if they were new.

Discs that were previously difficult on the ear such as piano and violin sonatas are a joy to hear. Vocals become real words, female sibilance is absent and the sound-stage is as wide as my smile."
 B.P.   A happy customer.   Full detail on file.