Funk Firm 'Boing' turntable feet upgrades

Funk’s new range of decoupling solutions to help your turntable into the high end.

Price: £112.00

For years cables have tried to clean our electrical signals. But what about interference caused by mechanical vibration all around, from loudspeakers and traffic, all feeding straight back to your stylus.  It negatively affects Pace, Rhythm and Timing. This is really bad news and all rigid turntables with simple rubber feet are negatively affected this way.

All the very best decks have vibration isolation, so if you have a rigid turntable like a Rega, Project, VPI, Clearaudio etc. for instance, shouldn’t it be isolated to get the best sound from it?

Funk’s new range of decoupling solutions (called Boing!) will help your deck into the high end, your listening window opens wider than ever and the benefits are real and easy to hear, your turntable will never have sounded so good.

Boing’s springs are not “off-the-shelf” but specially made for this application. They are tuned low and have a long travel. Boing is just about the most affordable, most definitive upgrade you can make.

The price shown is for a Rega 1 or Rega 2 Boing set. They replace the rubber Rega feet, fit with the same screws, so are retro-fittable. Indeed, fitting the Boing feet is relatively simple, but we do fit them for you whilst you wait if you prefer.

Whatever your turntable, if its using rubber feet or similar, the Biong upgrade path will work for you.

If you are buying a Hana cartridge as well, we have some great special combination upgrade prices on offer, do ask us for a quote.