Neotech: Professional cable for perfect audio, believe in your ears.

Neotech are only one of three audio cable manufacturers in the world licenced to manufacture 'single crystal' UP OCC cable for high end audio applications. The UP OCC process for refining copper was developed and patented by Professor Ohno of the Chiba Institute of Technology in Japan.

UP OCC stands for Ultra-Pure, Ohno Continuous Casting. Neotech also manufacture UP OFC cable, this is manufactured to the same high standard but not through the 'single crystal' process, it is however superior to most other OFC cable, due to manufacture from Ultra Pure (UP), the purist of copper, as used in processing UP OCC cables.

Oxygen impurities in OFC copper wire are less than 10 PPM and Neotech improve on this and call it UP OFC (Ultra Pure Oxygen Free Copper).  With the even higher quality OCC process, the figure is cut in half to less than 5 PPM of oxygen, and less than 0.25 PPM of hydrogen (compared to 0.5 PPM for OFC) but to achieve these figures there is a high associated manufacturing cost and only in high end Hi-Fi systems will you be capable of hearing the difference and justifying the far higher cost.  

Touchstone2c is an authorised Dealer for the Neotech cables we sell.