Pearl Acoustics Sibelius SG

The Sibelius SG is a single drive unit, floor standing loudspeaker.

Price: £4995.00

Sibelius SG

The Sibelius SG is a single drive unit, floor standing loudspeaker utilizing an internal front loaded, quarter wave ‘V’ horn. It has a bespoke manufactured shallow, all alloy drive cone which is mounted into the solid oak cabinet. Apart from the internal connecting leads from the speaker to the terminal posts and internal dampening materials, the Sibelius SG has no other electrical or mechanical components getting in the way of the musical signal.

The Sibelius SG is comfortable covering most genres of music but especially acoustic instruments either in classical, jazz, folk, blues and light rock. From solo voice to small ensembles, chamber and symphonic orchestras the Sibelius SG faithfully reproduces the full dynamics required by each type. The cabinet and drive unit size limits its bass handling, so if you are a lover of heavy metal or want 'head banging' bass, a sub-base unit may be required.

Pairing: Because The Sibelius SG delivers so much detail (nothing is lost) it is best paired with very high quality amplifiers. Our preference is (as long as space and budgets allow) for single ended ‘Class A’ triode vacuum tube amplifiers. However, high quality solid state amplifiers with low distortion characteristics are also fine. The Sibelius is particularly well matched with ‘Class A’ type current dumping amplifiers, which can handle massive transients without the distortion sometimes found in lower quality AB (push-pull) amplifiers.


  • Impedance: 7.5 Ohm
  • Power handling: 35 Watts RMS – 70 Watts peak
  • Efficiency: 87.5db @ 1W @ 1 meter
  • Maximum output : 105db @ 1 Meter
  • Frequency range: 28Hz-30Khz (ten octaves)*
  • Dimensions: 1093mm (H) 225mm (W) 295mm (D)
  • Weight: 29kg each

Finishes and colours

Varnish / Stain Finish: A natural stain with a high quality matt varnish coating - (gloss is available upon special request)

  • . Natural
  • · Light Oak
  • · Medium Oak
  • · Wenge (Dark Oak)
  • · Weathered
  • · Cherry

The casings of all Pearl Acoustics enclosures are constructed from solid French Oak. We believe that there is no better wood for making high quality loudspeakers. Since the 17th. Century the world’s finest organ builders have used slow grown, European oak for its neutral sound imaging and long-term structural stability.

All the oak we select for our cabinets comes from sustainable forests. Because our enclosure casings are made with a minimum thickness of 30mm for The Sibelius without any kind of veneer, there is absolutely no reason why the natural finished cabinets will not remain in perfect condition forever, as long as they are looked after properly.

Note: Naturally finished Pearl Acoustics cabinets, like musical instruments, should be kept in rooms with moderate temperature and humidity variations. If you have any concerns at all, please contact our technical department:

Speaker Covers

These smart looking, padded covers push over the top of your Sibelius drivers to protect them from prying fingers, pets and accidental damage.

Simply pull off to reveal the driver, ready for use. Sold in pairs, only in black.


, 1st Sep 2017

Seen and heard at Bristol [HiFi Show] in 2017... single driver Sibelius speaker was sounding very good indeed, in several rooms.