Rockwell Music Youngstown, Bruce Springsteen

Limited edition Bruce Springsteen LP on 180gm 'metallic sand' coloured vinyl.

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This is a Limited Edition of 265 numbered copies on 180g 'Metallic Sand' Vinyl album.   

Rockwell, No.: 0713325925193

Cat: ROXMB018-c  

Recorded live at the Tower Theatre Philadelphia on the 9th December 1995, except tracks 1 & 5 recorded at the same venue on the 8th December 1995 - FM BROADCAST

In 1995 Bruce Springsteen embarked on his first ever solo acoustic tour in support of his eleventh studio album The Ghost Of Tom Joad. From November 1995 to May 1997 he played a total of 128 shows in small venues across the US and Europe and also in Canada, Australia and Japan. Early in the tour fans got a taste of what the shows were like when a selection of 10 songs from the December 8 and December 9 1995 performances from Philadelphia’s Tower Theatre were broadcast on US album-oriented rock stations as part of the December 14 1995 edition of the Columbia Records Radio Hour syndicated radio show.

The selection consists of five songs from the Tom Joad album and five more that spanned his career. These included Does This Bus Stop At 82nd Street?, a song from his debut album which also formed part of the demo that he recorded for John Hammond of CBS Records in advance of getting his first recording contract. Also the radically rearranged and misinterpreted 80’s hit Born In The USA and the Academy Award and four Grammy Awards winner Streets Of Philadelphia.

MCPS Copyright Control - Direct To Air Broadcast.

The Rockwell LP's are NOT bootlegs.  There is in the USA copyright law that allows radio broadcast stations the rights to their live music performances.  It is these original 'Master' tapes, made through the mixing desk at the time of broadcast (direct to air broadcast) that Rockwell use to produce these remarkable live recordings.  Their first pressing albums, being strictly limited editions are collectors items.  If a Rockwell album prooves extreemly popular, the re-pressing is made with different coloured vinyl.

Side One: 

Does This Bus Stop At 82nd Street?

The Ghost Of Tom Joad

Straight Time

Darkness On The Edge Of Town

Born In The USA

Side Two: 


Sinaloa Cowboys

Balboa Park

This Hard Land

Streets Of Philadelphia

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