Talk Electronics Apprentice Lite Mk2 turntable

Will see off any turntable at the same price point. Complete with arm, cartridge and dust cover.

Price: £295.95

Touchstone 2c Bestseller

The entry level Apprentice LITE turntable is a class leading performer that we believe sets new standards of performance for the money. We have tried many turntables at  £250-300.00p  and this one is the only turntable we now recommend, it simply offers a great musical performance for the money.  It is not just us who think this, it has been given awards by the Hi-Fi press as well.

It comes complete with the EA101 tone-arm and C50 cartridge fitted, so it is ready to go right out of the box; just push the counterweight on all the way, put a record on and away you go.

Getting back into vinyl could not be easier and the performance will certainly see off any similarly priced turntable on the market.

It is available in a satin Red, White or Black finish.

As with all UK made Edwards Audio turntables, it is is supplied with a clear dust cover as standard.

Please note: Demand is high and there can be up to 2 weeks back-order on Talk Electronics turntables, please check with us.  A small deposit will secure your turntable if we have to order from the factory, and we will deliver in to you free of charge. 

UPGRADE: A high performance drive belt, the 'Little Belter' blue drive belt is available at £15.00p (see in Turntable Accessories)