Touchstone Audio NES-5002.2.5M

2 Mtr. pair Neotech 5002 loudspeaker cable, with 14 day money back offer.

Price: £139.99

We make up and hold stock of 2.5Mtr. pair loudspeaker cables from Neotech NES-5002 using Xhadow banana plugs, a high end silver plated plug.  

Neotech NES-5002 loudspeaker cable from Neotech's 5000 series is manufactured from their proprietary ultra-pure oxygen-free copper UP-OFC. In addition to this proprietary technology for the manufacture of copper itself, the company also carried out the design/development, the engineers calculated the ideal winding twist of the conductors and geometry of the wire weave in the cable for the most even and musical sound. (Each conductor consists of a thick central wire with 6 bundles of thin wires around the central wire). As a vibration deadening filler, a cotton material is used, and a soft polyvinyl chloride as insulation material.

The success of this cable is really confirmed by the fact that it has been produced unchanged for several years; in the Russian Stereo review test in 2011, the Neotech NES 5001 cable (similar design but larger cross-section) was named "absolute best buy".   Check out the full technical details by going to NES-5002 (cable off the reel). 

SOUND QUALITY: It has an open and even handed sound, a 'musical' character that matches well with modern amplifiers up to about 125W/channel output (our recommendation).  Bass notes are powerful and tuneful, it has an open mid-range and detailed 'smooth' top end with enough sparkle, not edgy or sharp.

If price and value for money are your priorety, we can think of no other commercailly available loudspeaker cable that will come close, we put our recommendation on the line and offer a 14 day money back guarentee.  

PRICE inc VAT at 20%, excludes P&P.